#11 Michael Elliston beats Hardy Westman

Riley Wood celebrates his goal

Lucas Chard and Jacob Chantler share some respect after the Nats lose the series

Jacob Chantler celebrates a goal with Nats GM, Tony Manderelli watching

#1 Hardy Westman denies #11 Michael Elliston

Westman stops a breakaway

Full house in St. Marys

Riley Wood takes a shot

Sam O'Reilly celebrates a goal

#20 Bradyn Santavy runs over Lalama

Lalama tracks an incoming shot

Joe Ranger tracks an incoming shot

Lalama takes it off his mask

#6 Owen McGowan watching his shot find the net

#7 Sam O'Reilly leans into a shot

Thompson and McGowan celebrate

#25 Lucas Chard goes between the legs

#23 Nolan Milne is knocked off balance

Hardy Westman catching a shot

Talan Palmer celebrates 

Lucas Carson celebrates

#18 Talan Palmer scores

Sam O'Reilly carefully taps in the empty net goal 

Rylan Bowers celebrates with Lucas Chard

Lucas Chard joins Rylan Bowers celebrating another goal

#20 Braydn Santavy takes out the net

Lucas Chard celebrates

Lucas Chard

Hardy Westman stares down a shot

#23 Nolan Milne trying to shoot while falling

Braydn Santavy

Sam O'Reilly

Joe Ranger missed this one

Owen McGowan

Logan Pace-Roth

Bradyn Santavy

Riley Wood goes around Bryce Walcarius

Sam O'Reilly

Joe Ranger tried to make the save

Riley Wood happy about scoring

Nolan Milne celebrates

Joe Ranger dealing with the rebound

Rylan Bowers tries "The Michigan"

Lucas Chard

#91 Jagan Chanderdat scores on Hardy Westman

Hardy Westman makes a save

Hardy Westman is handcuffed by this shot, but makes the save

Rylan Bowers celebrates another goal

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